Tips on Washing and Drying Clothes while PREVENTING SHRINKAGE

Tips on Washing and Drying Clothes while PREVENTING SHRINKAGE

Here at StylishGuy Menswear, we want your good quality garments to look and feel new, and last for as long as possible. This week we have some top tips on washing and drying your clothes while trying to prevent shrinkage.

1. Always Follow the Label Instructions.

If in serious doubt, do not chance your luck. There's no shame in turning to the dry cleaners when you need them. For a number of garments, it is simply the most convenient option. For example, washing and drying a wool suit at home without damaging it would be an extremely painstaking process.

2. When going to wash, never fully fill your washing machine.

Filling only half will guarantee the items will get a better wash.

Bonus tip: Clothes that have only been worn once should only be lightly rinsed. Overwashing clothes makes them look faded and worn. 

3. Fabric Softener. 

Using fabric softener takes the stiffness out of clothes which will ensure for a better, more comfortable fit.

4. Shrinkage.

Drying clothes in the dryer provides a high risk of them shrinking. Drying clothes indoors without fresh air can also shrink clothes and dry them out.

If an item shrinks by accident - while it’s still wet dip it in cold water and hang it out to dry on the clothesline. The weight of the water might stretch it back out again.

We hope our top tips this week were helpful. If there are any topics you would like to see discussed on the StylishGuy Weekly, get in contact with us

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